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These Terms of Use govern your use of and access to the hemdistributing Sites.

By accessing or using the hemdistributing Sites, or by otherwise accepting these Terms of Use, you agree to these Terms of Use. If you violate or do not agree to these Terms of Use, your access to and use of the hemdistributing Sites is unauthorized. In these Terms of Use:

When we say “hemdistributing”, we mean hemdistributing.com, Inc. and any subsidiaries and affiliates of hemdistributing (including any that hemdistributing may form or acquire in the future). We also refer to hemdistributing as 'we', 'us' and 'our' - we hope these Terms of Use read better that way. Notwithstanding the foregoing,

When we say “you” or “your” we mean users of the hemdistributing Sites (like you!).

When we say “Terms of Use”, we mean these Terms of Use and all other terms and policies on the hemdistributing Sites (and any updates to those terms and policies), such as our hemdistributing Anywhere Terms - which we encourage you to check out because hemdistributing Anywhere is pretty cool.



While all of these Terms of Use contain important points, please note the warranty disclaimers and limitations on hemdistributing’s liability explained in sections 11 and 12 in particular. As a continuously evolving shopping platform, we must disclaim or limit our liabilities relating to the hemdistributing Sites and the products on the hemdistributing Sites.

We’ll continue to update these Terms of Use over time - we explain that in section 17.

Account Registration

To make a purchase on hemdistributing, you must register for an account here. You must be at least 18 years old to register for an account. Only one account is permitted per household.

You agree that all of your registration information will be true and complete, and you will keep your account information current and up-to-date. You agree to keep your hemdistributing username and password confidential, and to access the hemdistributing Sites from devices that have up-to-date operating systems and security software. You agree not to allow anybody else to use your account, including in any way that is meant to circumvent these Terms of Use. You will be responsible for all purchases made, and anything else that occurs, through your account.

Please notify us immediately of any suspected unauthorized activity on your account by sending an email to info@hemdistributing.com.

2. Placing an Order on hemdistributing.


hemdistributing only ships within the contiguous United States (48 states and District of Columbia). If you’re in Alaska or Hawaii, which are both amazing places, we’re sorry and we want to be shipping there as soon as we can. For more information about shipping and delivery, please see our Shipping & Delivery policy. Orders and Pricing.

Each product’s list price is what we believe to be a representative online price for such product, and when possible is based on the suggested retail price provided by the supplier or manufacturer, which we check against prices from other online retailers on a regular basis. While we always try to show you a representative price, we can’t guarantee that you won’t see lower prices at other websites. But hemdistributing is striving to be an online price leader when you shop for a larger, more efficient cart of goods... so read on.

As you shop on the hemdistributing Sites, our dynamic pricing engine may increase or decrease the prices of items in your cart, and/or the savings applied to the items in your cart. You must review your entire final order, including your cart savings, total purchase price, and each individual item price, before submitting your final purchase request at checkout.

Pricing errors, out-of-stock and other errors occasionally occur on the hemdistributing Sites. We reserve the right to cancel any orders containing pricing errors, out of stock errors or other errors at any time without further obligation to you, including after you have received a confirmation of your order. Should this happen with your order, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us so we can try to figure out what happened and do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

In addition, if any item you request becomes unavailable on the hemdistributing Sites, we may cancel your order or - alternatively - instead of canceling your order, we may, at our discretion, purchase and/or have fulfilled the unavailable item(s) on your behalf from third parties. If we do this, of course we’ll only charge you the price quoted in your hemdistributing purchase order. Taxes

Items sold on the hemdistributing Sites may be subject to tax. Prior to submitting your purchase request, you will see an estimate of the tax to be collected on your order. This tax amount will depend on various factors, including the items purchased, the shipment destination, and the identity of the seller(s).

Unless specifically indicated on the checkout page, hemdistributing is the seller of items purchased on the hemdistributing Sites. Any applicable tax on those items will be applied to the item price you pay for taxable items, less any savings amounts.

If hemdistributing is not the seller of your items, items will be subject to tax based on the sales tax collection obligations of the seller. Applicable tax on such orders will be applied to the item price indicated by the seller. For these items, savings amounts will not always reduce the price at which tax is charged.

Title and Risk of Loss

Title to the items purchased by you on the hemdistributing Sites (and the related risk of loss on these items) passes to you upon delivery of the items to the common carrier used by hemdistributing.

Returns and Refunds

Returns and refunds are available only as described in our Returns/Refund policy. While hemdistributing will strive to provide returns and refunds, excessive or abusive returns or attempted returns will void our Returns/Refund policy and any guarantees on future orders.

Credits and hemdistributing Cash

Your account may contain Credits and/or hemdistributingCash - both of these can be used for payment of an eligible purchase made on the hemdistributing Sites. Unless expressely stated otherwise, unused hemdistributing Cash expires after twelve months of account inactivity. You can learn more Credits and hemdistributing Cash here.


We reserve the right to prohibit or limit sales to resellers or other parties who purchase a product from hemdistributing with the intention to resell that product. We also reserve the right to limit the quantity of items purchased per account, credit card, shipping address, person, household or order for any reason.

Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness of Information on the hemdistributing Sites

The hemdistributing Sites contain lots of information provided by third party sellers and other content providers. Despite our efforts to be accurate, we don't guarantee any aspect of any product information on the hemdistributing Sites, including, without limitation, product images, descriptions and specifications. The information on the hemdistributing Sites is for information purposes only, and may be inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date, unreliable, miscategorized, or not helpful. (Although hopefully it isn’t!) Product information contained on the hemdistributing Sites may differ from information contained on the actual product materials. Before you act on information you find on the hemdistributing Sites, you must independently confirm any facts about the item(s) that are important to your decision. If you purchase a product that is not as described, your sole remedy against hemdistributing is to return it and/or request a refund in accordance with our Returns/Refund policy.

If you find an error or notice something that doesn't look right on the hemdistributing Sites, we would appreciate it if you let us know by contacting us at info@hemdistributing.com. Your feedback is a big part of what makes hemdistributing better.

Special provision for drugs, medical products, foods or drinks with potential or actual beneficial qualities, fitness claims, and alternative medicine: No information on the hemdistributing Sites, including, without limitation, health, medical, wellness, fitness, prescription, and pharmaceutical information, is a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or advice of your medical professional. The hemdistributing Sites do not include all information regarding precautions, dosage information, side effects, or interactions, and should not be understood to indicate that any drug or other product is safe for you. You must consult the actual product information included with the product (including package inserts) and contact the manufacturer of the product for additional information. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the information relating to dietary supplements. We recommend that you speak with your medical professional for guidance before using any drug or any other product relating to health, medicine, wellness or fitness.


You consent to the collection, use, disclosure and other handling of information as described in our Privacy Notice, which may be updated from time to time. You consent to our monitoring and recording of telephone calls, emails, and texts (and other forms of communications) between you and us, no matter who initiates the communication. (Monitoring and recording calls and emails helps us get better at helping you!)

Use of Materials on the hemdistributing Sites

All content on the hemdistributing Sites (including, for example, text, designs, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, downloads, interfaces, information, code and software, and the selection and manner of compilation and presentation), is owned by hemdistributing, other content providers (such as hemdistributing’s retail partners or suppliers) or their licensors, and may be protected by copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws.

Your access to and use of the hemdistributing Sites does not grant you any license or right to use any trademark, logo, or service mark displayed on the hemdistributing Sites. hemdistributing, other content providers, or their licensors retain full and complete title to and reserve all rights in the material on the hemdistributing Sites, including all associated intellectual property rights. hemdistributing neither warrants nor represents that your use of materials on the hemdistributing Sites will not infringe rights of third parties.

Claims arising under consumer protection or similar legislation; or

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